Fragments of truth


Louisa Karapidaki and Cleopatra Fatourou (Athens, Greece)

Elisabeth Romberg (Kristiansand, Norway) 


Eleni Tzatzalos (Netherlands), 

Giorgos Giotsas (Greece),

François l’Hotel (France), 

Charlotte Lindsay (Sweden) 

Kleoni Manoussaki (Greece) performance

Fragments of truth

This year the platform Fragments of truth presents a series of artists who were inspired by the manifesto of Charlotte Lindsay :

“This short and ironical manifesto describes a list of responsibilities, which should be required of a person before they enter into war.”

The initiative, which is highlighted in this platform project, seeks to explore how a language for opposition is introduced in contemporary art. Voices talking about migration in Turkey and Greece, indigenous who fight for rights, political subjectivity, sexual discrimination or transgenderism: both political and artistic practices are challenging the system’s structures and its pre-existing models. This concept, which is presented in the platform will be developed further in an exhibition, that will be hosted initially in Athens and then in other venues throughout  Europe. The  project will take an investigative approach, asking contemporary artists from various european countries to imagine what their motivation for war would be, and what their own armor would look like. The exhibition will focus on the current views of contemporary art, which, amongst other things, is seeking to draw an alternative political and poetic map of Europe, than that designed by the European Union. 

The exhibition will then travel to Kristiansand, Norway, where the previous experiences and works will shape an exhibition and performance, and a workshop will take place with three contemporary Norwegian artists. 

A   R   T   I   S   T   S


Charlotte Lindsay, Everything we ever felt remains hidden, 2014 
- ongoing - Hand embroidery on Calico, 140 x 80 x 46 cm

The things that should be involved in a war
before you join

  • Make you own outfit
  • Decide upon your insignia
  • Name your battle
  • Identify your enemy
  • Make contact
  • Agree a time, date and location
  • Plan your route
  • Make your packed lunch
  • Pack your bags
  • Say goodbye to family
  • Place a photo in your inner breast pocket
  • Begin your journey
  • Hope for the best
  • Be prepared for peace


François L'Hotel - "Heritage" - 2017 - mixed media - 110 x 110 cm

Every child is born with his own armor, it is his inheritance.

Made of beauty or ugliness, brutality or gentleness, prison or freedom, gold or void, each child at birth combines the genes of his parents to make an armor or a weakness. 

Some people use it daily because of necessity, some others will die old without even understanding its meaning and even less is interest.






Inner landscape

People – faces – façades

Cover – protection – disguise


    Eleni Tzatzalos - "inner landscape" - 2017 - mixed media - 130 x 191 cm 


François L'Hotel  - "SCART#1" - 2017 - mixed media - 145 x 120 cm

This image is constructed like a battle, the armies that confront each other are internal, hostile and antagonistic.

In the struggle between beauty and brutality, the conflicting feelings are the beginnings of war. 

Your enemy is yourself.


              Giorgos Giotsas - "Stalos" - 2013 -  mixed medias - variable dimension